We sponsor events with community artists and healers that address personal and collective struggles for spirituality and social justice.  Our gatherings focus on crossing borders for diversity and inclusion.

Our Healing HeArts Circles, are intimate gatherings and workshops with artists exploring their journeys of spiritual healing and empowerment in individual and community contexts. A rare opportunity to share vulnerable and authentic space with artists whose work expresses our human diversity and oneness.

Cosponsors: Institute for Diversity and the Arts, & Office for Religious Life

Winter 2019

January 11

Mastery and Mystery

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

Exploring the active and creative tension in our daily struggles with ego and humility, with control and letting go, with darkness and light. Engaging in the healing power of telling our stories, coming together with gentleness to self and other and kindling fierceness in confronting the enemies of gentleness around and within us. 

January 18

Oneness Butoh

Judy Kajiwara

OnenessButoh holds a space for the awakening of higher consciousness through a dance form that is eerily abstract, yet alive with human emotion and compassion.  

January 21

“Seed Beads and Skirts: A Native American, Feminist Art Practice”

Natani Notah

Harmony House, 1:00-3:00

Sharing interdisciplinary art that explores contemporary Native American identity through the lens of Diné womanhood, inspired by acts of decolonization, Indigenous feminism, and Indigenous futurism.

February 1

Taiko Peace

PJ Hirabayashi

TaikoPeace is a movement, mindset, and mantra dedicated to unleash creativity, spark new connections of co-creativity, and heal the human spirit through the dynamic energy of taiko drumming.

February 7

War x Love

Jessica Lá Rel and Tyler “EAGLEBABEL” Brooks

CCRMA 1:00-2:15 pm

Music and conversation about personal and political trauma, the soul, and the spirit.

February 14

The Gift of Being Haunted

Breeshia Wade

Harmony House, 1:00-3:00

Using training in both Christian and Buddhist chaplaincy, experiences as a birth doula and an end-of-life caregiver to offer insight into how our long-term relationships with grief offer powerful lessons about love and intimacy. Breeshia is a lay ordained Buddhist chaplain, Reiki Master Teacher and writer. She allows grief and fear of loss to teach her about love, intimacy and desire. 

February 22

“I Got Soul”: Soulfulness, Inclusion, and Contemplative Practice

Shelly Prillerman Harrell

Harmony House, 1:00-3:00

“I got soul” is dedicated to awakening, nurturing, illuminating and liberating soulfulness, born from the union of Detroit born-and-raised African American cultural sensibilities and 30+ year career as a psychologist-therapist-professor.

February 28

Writing from the Soul

Walter Thompson-Hernandez

Harmony House, 1:00-3:00

Reflections on race and soul in journalism and academic research as Los Angeles-based New York Times multimedia reporter and Stanford and UCLA graduate student, and author of forthcoming book on the Compton Cowboys.

March 7

The Art of Saying Goodbye

Isabel Stenzel Byrnes

Harmony House, 1:00-3:00

Lessons learned about gratitude and connection in the context of culture from a lifetime of living with terminal illness, organ transplant, and end of life care for others from Stanford alum, author, and hospice social worker.