What We Do

We offer college courses, workshops, internships on heartfulness for Stanford students and for interested people outside the university. Our students also train and practice as teachers of our global heartfulness programs for high school students. Our cutting edge research on heartfulness is published in books, articles, and blogs about our work.

Our programs nourish the fundamental human need for connectedness and enhance growth that occurs in the context of community. Our curriculum and teaching is based in spiritual, wisdom traditions and informed by current science. We integrate indigenous technologies of healing and spirituality with new technologies congruent with the needs of contemporary people and societies. We practice heartfulness in groups with the clear goal of creating community, a sense of openness, direct communication with others, and an awareness of oneself as part of something greater. Grounding our encounters in mindfulness enables vulnerability and authenticity. People realize our inter-connectedness, engage in deep listening, feel more accepting, and are grateful for what is happening.